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Internship Opportunities

Empress Lingerie educates students on the production and business side of Fashion and Marketing. We give Interns a chance to gain real-world experience and hold them to the same standards as professionals. We accept student internships from various high schools, colleges and other institutes.  The best Interns are self-motivated, assertive, ambitious and organized. Each candidate should have some experience in the area they wish to work.


The number of Interns working with Empress Lingerie varies but the following gives details to the general areas where most Interns work:


FASHION: Interns are given the opportunity to work hands-on with the Designers in the pre-production stages of collections and designs. As they establish their skills, Interns may also contribute to other sections of production.  Apply here:


MARKETING: Interns help organize, administer events and assist the Marketing Manager in various projects. They will be required to research events and compile information in order to promote the business. They will also be required to attend events and to regularly post on our blog. Once they have demonstrated their skills, they may be called upon to write reviews or articles.  Apply here:


GRAPHIC DESIGN: Interns are given the opportunity to design and make modifications to our website,  that will accompany articles, social networks, and promotional material for Empress Lingerie. Prior knowledge of Adobe Photoshop or other photo-editing software is required. You must have your own equipment, software and reliable transportation - no exceptions. The internship is for students who plan to become professional graphic designs and would like to build up his or her portfolio.  Apply here:


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